Megan Clouse [self portrait]

Megan Clouse [self portrait]


Wedding photography changed my life and I want the same for you! It’s not just a business, it’s the chance at the most amazing life, freedom and income, however I also understand how overwhelming it feels to begin a photography business or how intimidating it is to grow a business to the next level.


For twenty dollars a month you’ll become an Insider on my private Instagram ‘Behind the Camera’ page and have access to the most honest glimpse into every aspect of my business! I’ll be sharing every detail, helpful tip, contracts, forms, camera settings and all those real life moments at weddings and situations that occur at my desk. Formats will include photo, audio or video teachings.

MONTHLY focused topics will include (in no particular order):

  • Client communication from the very beginning to the final email

  • Networking with peers and pros that will book you instantly

  • All my office forms

  • My must have gear and gadgets

  • Go-to camera settings for all lighting situations

  • Branding: how $600 made me $25,000+

  • How to use Pinterest so you’re always ready and inspired

  • Portfolio creating and sharing even if you’re a new photographer

  • My workflow so I never forget something important

  • All the ins and outs about 2nd shooting and how important it can be to grow your business

  • How these easy flash settings saved me so much heartache

  • Important changes to elevate your business to the next level

WEEKLY topics will include one of these:

  • Behind the scenes at my desk as I edit and encounter situations as they happen

  • Behind the scenes at a real wedding

  • Behind the scenes at an engagement session

  • Real life photo editing, settings, styling, lighting


  • Ask me Anything (I’ll do my best to get to everyone) or Website Reviews with honest insight