14 years ago, I photographed my first wedding and was paid a total of $300 total to cover my film expenses.      I told my client (who was luckily also my cousin) that “I have no idea how to use my flash so don’t expect any photos after sunset.”

Being completely self-taught, I have trudged through every aspect of building my business to what it is today. Being published, seeing my photo on a magazine cover and having vendors excited that I’m part of the wedding team is all great, but in the beginning, I just needed to know how to…

You name it. All of it!

I totally get it and I want to be that person for you. Safe, encouraging, helpful, let’s get this shit on the road kind of mentor.

2015 is your year!

10 days
Choose 3 topics
Repeat if needed.

  • Complete contracts + client folders
  • Bookkeeping, checking + taxes
  • Pretty proposals + pricing
  • Beautiful, notice-me branding
  • Business cards & packaging that you’ll love
  • How I can make my photos better!? (a comprehensive review with tips)
  • I want a killer website +  Make me look professional with a real email (time to ditch the gmail)
  • Get me social! Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram + Reviews
  • Holy gear batman. Review, suggest, budget plan, buy. (cameras, cards, lighting, bags)
  • Marketing Phase One:
  • Finding your sweet spot: working with your ideal clients
  • Care to share? My complete start to finish.
  • Help!  I need all the editing help I can get.
  • Custom-for-me kind of help.

This series will require your effort! It’s not a here-do-this-for-me kind of thing. But I will give you, guide you and chat with you as much as you need for your session.