Wine Country Destination Wedding

Sometime earlier this year I read a random stat and I wish I could find it again.  It said something like Disneyland/World ranked #1 as a USA destination wedding location (which frankly shocked me) and the Napa/Sonoma area ranked #2.  Please don't quote me, I could be wrong.  But what I do know is that nearly 100% of my wedding couples are either out of country, state or at least out of the county so perhaps that stat is accurate. Couples are seeking this stunning region for their ultimate wine country wedding and I'm always honored when they choose my hometown backyard.  Guests usually start arriving on Thursday, they soak up the sunshine, sip the wines and make it a long, enjoyable weekend vacation.  This got me thinking and so I'm very excited to announce my newest addition to Megan Clouse Photography:

THE WINE COUNTRY DESTINATION PACKAGE! It's the ultimate multi-day photographic extravaganza which can be tailored to each couple's wedding plans; I can document guests arriving at the airport, lounging by the pool, wine tasting, Friday night festivities, the big wedding day (of course), Sunday brunch, etc.  It's 4 days of jam-packed fun and the ultimate documentation of your friends, family and festivities!

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