Westerbeke Ranch Wedding | One

I had been looking forward to Amanda and Dave's Westerbeke Ranch wedding for a long time and it was even more than I hoped for!  First of all Westerbeke is a hidden gem here in Sonoma with a birth date in the 1930's and it offers little surprises around every corner.  Second, I think it's so special that they rented out the entire property so their guests could have a real wine country weekend.  And third, Amanda and Dave shared such a personal and heartfelt ceremony and it really was an honor to be a witness. Here is part one.  Part two coming soon.

Some other highlights:

  • Vintage bottles collected by the couple.
  • Amanda's beautiful non-traditional coral dress.
  • Guests helping the florist decorate the pool.
  • Chairs aren't necessary for the ceremony.

And special thanks to: