Vintage | Ladybug Chairs

I'm fortunate enough to have most of my immediate family all within an hour's driving distance and this includes my spunky Grandma Betty.  Recently the Mr. and I were at her house for a quick project and while I was standing in her garage I noticed three ladybug folding chairs hanging on a nail.  I quickly blurted out that she must promise to tell me if she ever wants to get rid of them because I loved them!  She quickly replied, "Those old tacky things!   You can have them.  It's just old junk that hasn't been used in years!" I've tried explaining to her before that old=gold, but then again I'm guessing she's never perused through Ebay, Esty or Alameda's Flea Market because those chairs might be tacky, but they are sought after and I'm proud to say that I am the new owner!