Vezer Vineyard Wedding | M + C

Do you know how difficult it is to narrow it down to just a handful of images to share with you?  Well it is.  It's like... impossible, so 22 collages is the best I could do today.  My highlights...

  • I love hanging out with the girls!
  • You know I'm crazy for wrinkled hands! Aunt Jenny reprimanded me for taking this photo of her. I had promised not to photograph her in her housecoat and then sneakily lied and got caught. It was worth it.
  • I gasped and nearly cried when I saw Louise's beautiful antique blue clutch. It's my new life mission...find one like it.
  • "You're pretty no matter what you have on."
  • Sometimes the only thing that matters is to be in the arms of your soon-to-be husband and cry on his shoulder. This is why I love the "first look".
  • There was something magic that happened when Magdeleine put on her veil.
  • Sisters!
  • The officiant overlooking the valley and saying a prayer minutes before the ceremony started.
  • Wear your sunscreen!  Right Amanda?
  • Louise, the bride's mother, deserves a medal, a hug and a vacation. She made all the table and chair linens - as in all!! And collected all of the mismatched china, blue vases and fun bike accents.


Special thanks to:

Venue: Vezer Family Vineyard

Planner/Floral: Green Valley Floral

Catering: Buckhorn Steakhouse

Cake: Sweet on Cake

Hair/Makeup: Knotty Hair

Music: The Nines

Officiant: Family Friend

Gown: Rivini