Vendor Spotlight | Stella Stevens Hair Designs

[April] I'm very excited to introduce you to Stella Stevens, one of the most fabulous hair stylists in the area!  I started noticing her beautiful work on many of my brides a few years ago, and I was so impressed I began recommending her, even though I had never met her.  And now that I know her, I can say that her personality is just as lovely as her craft.

When did you begin your career?

Officially, I have been a licensed hairdresser since 1998, unofficially I was giving haircuts to family members in the garage at 12 yrs old, and doing up-do's on the girls that sat in front of me in science class.

What inspired you to follow this path?

I've always been a hair person.  When all my friends played barbies I just did their hair.  I originally decided to become a hairdresser to put myself through college but it turned out that I loved it.  I took a class once that was about discovering what career you should get into.  It involved every personality test known to man and when all was said and done, it told me I was a perfect fit for something creative, social, interpersonal and entrepreneurial such as ...hairstyling.  It was right.  Everyday I get to see good friends and make them feel beautiful.  I get to be creative and spread happiness.  What's not to love about that?

What trends do you enjoy?  What trends have you seen come and go?

With styling right now, I am loving beachy waves.  The technique used to create them is so versatile.  It can be used to make finger waves and ringlets as well giving me lots of different looks to incorporate into bridal styles.  For color, I am enjoying natural, dimensional color.  Tone on tone hilites and lowlights that keep you looking fabulous with both manageable hair and a manageable maintenance level.  And for cuts, this year has been all about bangs.  The trends I'm happy to see go are, the Kelly Clarkson red, black and blonde streaks, the 'spaghetti' look where there is curly tendrils coming from right in front of the ears on up-do's, and I'm happy no one is bringing me Kate + 8 pictures for haircuts anymore!

If you were to style Kate Middleton's hair for the royal wedding, what would you do? (note:  Stella is very qualified for even royal hair!)

I have given this a lot of thought, naturally, and I would want to go all up to showcase her gorgeous swan-like neck.  I would have a more sculptural style on her, no curls but a modern twist to it that would show her off as the trend setter she is destined to be.  I can also see her with her hair all down (during the reception); a classic Grace Kelly type wave going through it and sculpted away from her face.  And a tiara, of course!

What are 3 hair tips to brides:

1)  Don't get a brazilian blow-out before your wedding!  It keeps your hair from being able to have any sort of bend for at least 3 months.  That means your hair will be impervious to even the hottest curling iron and your ability to get any volume will be very compromised.  You bridal style options will be very limited.

2)  Do think about the hair style you want in relation to your dress and the environment you are getting married in.  If your dress is very simple, then it's great to overstate your hair.  If your back is exposed low down then a half/up half/down that leaves your skin a little less exposed looks beautiful.  If you know it will be 100 degrees outside you probably want your hair off your face.

3) It's great to grow out your hair to get the up-do you've always wanted, but don't forgo the trims altogether.  If you extend your haircuts from 6 weeks to 8 weeks and get 1/4" off instead of 1/2-3/4", you will still gain hair and your ends won't suffer.  Hair that doesn't have a fresh trim is very resistant to heat styling, looks whispy and dull, and usually has a brassier color than the rest of your hair.  Also, don't decide that a week before your wedding is a good time to drastically change your hair color.  A big change like that can be much more overwhelming in the context of your wedding.

What services do you offer?

I am a full service hairstylist; everyday I do all types of cuts, color and texture treatments.  My specialty is bridal/special occasion styling.  I am mobile and love so much being part of the excitement of a wedding day.  I also make custom clip-in hair extensions for my brides who need a little extra to get the hairstyle they dream of.

What is your ideal day off?

My fiancee and I had one of the most amazing days together this last summer.  We packed up a couple of ribeyes, a nice bottle of Frances Ford Coppola Cabernet, a frisbee, a cribbage board and a blanket.  We went to Jenner and had a delicious picnic, played cards and frisbee.  Then on the way home we stopped at John Ash & Co and sat in the bar at one of their chess top tables and played chess while sharing a creme brulee and some more wine.  That was a pretty fabulous day.  I wouldn't mind doing that a lot more.

Anything else you'd like to share?

Thank you so much for spotlighting me!  I love what I do and have enjoyed sharing it with you.  If you would like to see more of my work go to and you can contact me at (707) 696-5046 or

p.s.  Special thanks to our beautiful model Charity; a client of Stella's and soon to be bride.