Vendor Spotlight | Medlock Ames, Healdsburg

[December] It's always a treat to share hidden gems with you, and Medlock Ames in the Alexander Valley region of Healdsburg is a mega gem!!

I toured the property during a wet and rainy day, but imagine it with the sun shining and the wine flowing!  Gardens, views and an outdoor pizza oven all in gorgeous wine country setting!  Medlock Ames is a recent incarnation of an old-time locals spot and it still has a few surprises.  This isn't your typical winery tasting room!  At 5pm the corks are put back into the wine bottles and the party moves through a small corridor into a dark, moody, good old fashioned bar (with some modern funk) complete with an impressive cocktail menu!  It's really something special!

Medlock Ames is happy to host your party, but you must fit into a few of their requirements:  a) Likes to keep it casually-chic.  b) Keep the party under 75.  c)  Gotta love sizzling pizza straight out of the outdoor oven!

Be sure to give them a call if you're planning a birthday party, anniversary celebration, small elopement/wedding or rehearsal dinner!  Oh, yea and be sure to call ME because I can't wait to return!


  • Thank you Kenneth for the superb tasting and tour!
  • You're only a stone's throw from Jimtown Store so be sure to stop by there as well.