Vendor Spotlight | Glowing Bridal

[July] I'm a bit partial to Audrey Crandell, the owner of Glowing Bridal, for many reasons.  For one we used to work together way-way back when and she's that type of woman that even though I had not seen for 15 years, we fell right back into place like best friends.  Two, she named her daughter Megan after being inspired by my name - how flattering is that!  And last but not least, she's an amazingly talented esthetician and makeup artist whom I've had the pleasure of working with on several weddings.

With that said, here is the lovely, funny and very sincere Audrey Crandell...

When did you begin your skincare career?

Audrey's love of dress up and makeup began as a child, long before her formal start 13 years ago.  Paired with her natural born interest, she also credits her mother who nurtured her playfulness and experimentation and encouraged her as a child.  After several years of hobby level makeup artistry for friends, and with only 2 tests left in her court reporter education, Audrey walked away from it all and finally followed the path that was her true calling.

Every woman must have...?

Blotting papers!!  Audrey shared a little known secret, that if blotting papers are no where to be found, toilet seat covers are the same and can do the trick when in a pinch.  (Blonde note:  Blot first.  Pee second.)

Once you have blotting papers in your purse, a quality lip gloss and good mascara is key for a quick on the go look.  Audrey will splurge on Dior's Iconic Extreme Mascara or for the budget shopper, you can't go wrong with Cover Girl's Lash Blast.

Top do's and don'ts before the wedding day.

Don't party too hard the night before!  Puffy eyes and dehydration don't make for a blushing bride.

Do get's lots of sleep!

Any fun moments that you've witnessed?

Audrey fondly remembers a couple who exchanged their wedding gifts just as she finished up the bride's makeup.  The agreement between the couple was that their gifts were to be under $10.  The best man delivered the bride's gift, a coffee mug with a photo of a piano on it. Let me explain.

You see the bride had to sell her childhood piano before the wedding because she would be moving soon and there was no room for the piano in their new home.  To the bride's surprise the groom hunted down the new owner of the piano, bought it, made room in the new house, photographed it and had the image put on the mug.  Technically he exceeded the $10 limit, but you could argue that the mug was under $10!

Audrey said there was NOT ONE dry eye after the bride explained the story, including Audrey who sobbed her heart out all while hoping that the bride's waterproof mascara would hold.

Tell us a little something unique about you.

Audrey has "an unhealthy relationship with pistachio nuts".

In closing, Audrey is truly gifted and I recommend her to every future bride!  And if your wedding day is long behind you don't fret because she is joint owner of Outer Beauty, a hidden gem in Petaluma that offers all kinds of pampering and feeling pretty services!  And many thanks to our gorgeous model Andrea, a personal friend of Audrey's!