Vendor Spotlight | Classic Conv. Wine Tours

[August] Just from my logo alone, you can probably guess that I have a bit of a vintage flare for things.  Generally the older and rustier, the more I love it!  So when I was considering who I wanted to feature for my August Vendor Spotlight, it was easy to choose Classic Convertible Wine Tours and their stunning fleet of '46-'47 Packard Limousines.

Rewinding about 13 years ago, my romantic husband (then boyfriend) planned a grand marriage proposal complete with a cruise through the Napa Valley in one of these very same Packards.  Jump ahead a year and half or so and the same Packard was the vehicle of choice on our wedding day.

These rare beauties are close to my heart and it makes me very happy to share with you CC Wine Tours and the owner, Tab Borge.  Well, actually, before I introduce you to the cars and owner, I first must give a shout-out to the two mascots on the property, Duke and Ginger, who are very sweet (and lucky!) dogs.

Ok, back to the cars...

Look at the stunning details of these Packards!

What is even more amazing is that Tab finds these relics, mind you there were only 2,000 ever made, and he takes them down to the very bare bones and rebuilds them with meticulous love.  The cars are modified from hard tops to convertibles, disc brakes, power steering and all of the modern touches that we are accustomed to now.  And Tab doesn't miss any conveniences for the guests' experience either; Frank Sinatra crooning from rear speakers, wool lap blankets in case it gets chilly but you still insist on keeping the top down, a picnic basket packed in the trunk and my favorite... the door panels have been modified to hold wine bottles!

And no interview would be complete without a test drive, right!?  So I hopped into the back and felt just a tiny bit like utilizing that goofy pagentry/Queen wave as Tab drove me around the Napa country roads.  Oh my goodness it was fun!

Now that I've shown you these gleaming white and chrome masterpieces, I'd like to show you how they look before Tab gets his hands on them.  This particular car was just picked up from Fresno last week, and in its former life it was an ambulance!  With a huge amount of skills, a large dose of patience and about 18 months, Tab will turn this car from a rusty heap into a bright and shiny, fun-loving touring car.

Tab began his CC Wine Tours way back in 1989 and it's really wonderful to see his business flourish all of these years.  He's clearly put every bit of himself into his business and he brings smiles to everyone who takes a seat in his vehicles.   He offers such a unique method for viewing our beautiful wine country region and I HIGHLY recommend it!  If you want to do some wine tasting, they'll arrange a specific tour that suits your tastes and interests, many of which are private wineries that you can't normally access.  If you're planning a wedding, it's really an amazing way to arrive and depart!  And if you want to plan an excursion with a big group, they can accommodate up to 24; 6 to a car.

In closing, call them and book some time; you'll be glad you did!