Ubuntu | Napa

Ubuntu is a swanky vegetarian restaurant housed in an old stone building in downtown Napa, written and reviewed by some of the top foodies in the country and I was fortunate enough to recently join my friend Kristin for some serious VIP treatment.  Kristin, a local columnist and culinary shop owner invited me along for an off-site garden tour with the chef, followed up with an extravagant multi (multi!) course dinner!  After awhile I started losing track but I vaguely recall 3 appetizers, 7 entrees and possibly 4 desserts.  I'll just say this... we kind of rolled out of there with tired smiles. Thanks to Aaron the chef extraordinaire, to Carissa for the great conversation while hosting us, and to Sandy the owner and Carl the pastry chef for stopping by our table to really make me feel like royalty!