Traintown | Sonoma

I drive by it nearly everyday.  I see the packed parking lot, the colorful amusement rides and the smiling children.  And at the age of 39.5 my Grandma finally took me to Sonoma's Traintown!  Well to be specific, my visiting cousin and her family wanted to go and the group was kind of enough to stop by and take me along. It's a really sweet Americana type of place!  There's no entry fee.  Train tickets are $4.75 per person (20 minute train ride), amusement rides are $2 each and if your change jar is loaded there are lots of old fashioned rides and candy dispensers filled with candy or petting zoo food.

I recommend it to visiting guests during a wedding weekend, or an engagement session would be really fun!!  Anyone, anyone?

Today's post by Megan Clouse

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