The nicest words.

My thoughts about photography are hard to put into words, however this recent email conversation below probably does the best to convey my heart and my style.  

When prospective couples ask me my style, I usually fumble with my words and try to explain that I'm a bit contemplative, I smile, I'm calm and many times I just kind of blend into the crowd of guests.  What I'm doing is watching for moments, noticing emotions about to unfold and looking for characteristics of what really makes this person who they are.  I'll see a group intently listening to a story during a cocktail reception, their faces are calm but I can hear the punchline is coming up, so I raise my camera, focus on a face and just then heads tilt back with hearty laughs and I take the photo.  They never even knew.  I've witnessed little pats on the butt between a husband and wife and know that they're having a great time while the kids are at home with a sitter.  I've asked other couples to snuggle up for a photo and I've seen a flinch or stiffness and I know they are not happy. These moments make me sad.

I have a heightened awareness of emotions and energy and this is why so many of my clients comment on how I captured the emotions at their wedding, portraits, party, etc.  It's not that I'm necessarily special, it's that this is my strength.

There's no right or wrong when choosing a photographer, it's just a matter of really identifying what you are seeking for your memories.  If you want someone sensitive and calm, then I might be your gal.  If you want someone high-energy or flamboyant, then you'll likely gravitate towards someone else.  That's ok.

Thank you to Heather's mom for sharing her thoughts with her friends via that email.