The Groom's Attire | Wine Country Tips

With the days growing shorter and the chill setting in it's difficult to imagine sunny days & sweltering heat, but I know many of you are busy planning for your 2011 wedding so I'd like to share some local insight with you.  First thing, it seems that California has always played by slightly different rules than the rest of the country and with so many of the couples coming from out of state, I have some experienced observations on the subject of the groom's attire. WEATHER We don't have humidity but we do have heat!  A summer or fall day can span the gamut, with temps anywhere between 70-100+ degrees with a likely-hood of 80's-90's range (even April sometimes sees 90+ temps).  It's so common for me to see the groom and his men nearly melting in discomfort, as they stand in their dark suit or tuxedo, dabbing their brow just trying to get through it all.  My suggestion is, unless you have your heart set on a dark suit, keep the fabric light!  He'll look more appropriate for the relaxed setting and will likely be more comfortable.  Instead of fighting the weather, just roll with it.

PERSONALITY The wedding rule book has slowly evolved and is now less about rules and more about individual style and personality.  Not a patten leather dress-show kind of guy?  Well then wear what's comfortable to you!  I love Ray and Heather's wedding; she's all about glam and he's all about easy comfort.  Their attire fit their personalities and they didn't force the situation, they just went with it.  Isn't that how a marriage should be!?  Don't try to make each other fit into your vision, embrace who you are and have fun with it!

FUN Just have fun!  Wanna wear a seer sucker suit?  Go for it!  Tie?  Bow tie?  No tie?  Yes, yes, yes.  The only rule is to stick to your true self and enjoy the day!

SUNSHINE Lastly, rain is almost 100% guaranteed to not show its face between June 10 and September 15.  Typical summer storms that are in other regions rarely happen here in Sonoma & Napa.  But we do have summer fog that can turn a 95 degree day into a 55 degree evening.  Just so you know.

Happy planning!