The Clouse Thanksgiving [part one]


Somewhere along the way this summer, Mike and I gained the title of "empty nesters". If you're shocked, so are we.  There's Kyle a 20 year old musician making his way in San Francisco, and Eric an 18 year old rugby champ now residing at Colorado State. For the parents who have older children, you know how wonderful it is when you're all together. And for the younger parents, just you wait!

The first photo has a funny story. I instructed everyone to strike a sassy, kind of serious pose. I clicked the self timer button and while the guys were working their blue steel look and I was running into position, Kyle and Eric decided to drop their pose and opted for a smile instead, leaving me and Mike with our looks. They got us and I love the photo! (Yea, scroll back up and take another look.)

Thanksgiving involved lots of family and food gathered in Sacramento and then our Fab Four gave our hugs goodbye and headed to the mountains! The boys skied on thinly groomed snow, while Mike and I parked ourselves on the deck overlooking the lifts and enjoyed a couple of cold beers in the warm sun. Everyone was happy!

It was a beautiful few days and it was so difficult to leave, but thank goodness we have our Sonoma family who made it a little bit easier for us to return. Part two next.