The Carneros Inn | 5 Year Surprise

Love, love, love my new best-est Tennessee friends!  Meet Sarah & Roger who flew in for what Roger thought was a 5 year anniversary getaway at the swanky Carneros Inn. (Well it was, but Sarah had more in mind)  You see, about 8 months ago Sarah started planning her top secret vow renewal which included a dress maker to completely disassemble her original wedding dress and revamp it into this cute little number.  In addition a small army of vendors and family were all sworn to secrecy in the planning. Here's how the day unfolded:

1) Sarah told Roger she was going to the spa for a massage and facial.  He had strict instructions to be ready, in his nice suit, by 4pm so they could go get early anniversary drinks.

2) Sarah was not getting a massage; instead she spent that time getting her hair and makeup done.

3) I met Sarah in the spa and picked up her cute note and I hand delivered it to Roger. (I was equally as nervous - surprises are nerve wracking!)

4) After Roger read the note, Reverend Dalton arrived, Sarah walked up in her white dress and the rest was one of the most special vow renewals I've ever witnessed!

So I know you want more, more, more but I'm working on doing something really special with these images (hint:  publishing!), so for now I can only show you a small sneak peek. I PROMISE I'll show you more just as soon as I can.

Special thanks to:

Venue: The Carneros Inn, Napa

Officiant:  Reverend Peadar Dalton

Flowers: Valley Flora

Couture Dress:  Sue Ann Ising, Tennessee (made from the train of Sarah's original wedding dress)

Shoes: Seychelles and Boots: Lucchese

Necklace: Anthropologie and Bracelet: H & M

Hair & Makeup:  Carneros Spa

Suit: Billy Reid

Stationery: Letter Girl

Cookies: Whimsy Cookie Company