The Baker Family


Meet the Bakers! Patrick, Tanya, Natalie, Cameron and Sabrina.

I'm just getting to know this Sonoma family but after our photography date, I'm completely crazy for them! So nice, kind, confident, silly and just fun to be around.  As all families, each child has a different personality and style. Natalie is sophisticated and I wouldn't be surprised if I saw her on America's Next Top Model in a couple years. Cameron, the animal whisperer, has a strong sense about him and some of my favorite photos were of him and the white horse. And then there's Sabrina; the youngest and certainly the darling in the group. We instantly clicked and she secretly worked with me for some shots I was going for; specifically the last one where everyone was talking and she's looking at me. Without words I caught her attention, gave her the "look at me" sign language and she knew exactly what to do. It's one of my favorite shots.