Tears dropped into my cereal

I'm a personal kind of gal, but I still like to keep a little separation between home and business.  I think we're all like that.  But on Thursday, something made me burst into tears and I wanted to share it with you. I work from home.  I like to sit at my desk with my giant bowl of cereal; it always sits on my Angela Adams coaster (pink side up, not the blue side) that I got 2 years ago when I was in Maine.   There are about 30 blogs that I follow on a daily basis through my Google Reader; some that I find beautiful or funny or interesting; most are pretty weddings that inspire me.  I'll take a bite of cereal, and scroll through each daily blog only looking at the images.  I rarely read the text.

Snippet & Ink's Thursday Real Wedding post made me slow down a touch. Each image was very heartfelt, something that I connect with through my own photography.  I glanced at the bottom to see the photographer credit.  Kevin Kubota.  Ah yea, he's very good.  And then the text next to his name caught my eye.  I quickly scrolled back to the top of the page to read from the beginning.  This adorable couple, whose photos made me smile... this couple who was young and happy and cute just like so many that I see... this groom was dying of cancer.  The wedding was put together in just a couple of days.  Kevin turned the images around in 1 week so the groom could see them.  He loved them.  He loved them and then only lived a few more weeks.  I burst into tears.

Life is so fragile.  Life is so precious.  Live life fully.  Please.



You can read the post here:

Snippet & Ink