Taste + Hike | Kunde Winery

It's quite common for us locals to become a wee bit complacent with all of the happenings around us; vineyards, wine tasting and rolling hills become everyday sites, so I find that it's important to take off those local goggles every now and then, put on rose colored tourist glasses and really step out and enjoy the bounty that surrounds us and that's just what I did last week! Thanks to my friend Kristin and two of her lady friends, I spent the first half of my Saturday hiking on the Kunde Winery property, learning about local history and of course sampling wines from the very grapes they came from!  It's really a special way to start your weekend and I highly recommend the hike for everyone; locals or tourists!  Click HERE for details.

And once again, keep an eye out for this story in Sunset magazine!  It's not published yet, but I submitted the story and photos and I'm certain they won't be able to pass up this great piece!