Surprise Beach Vow Renewal | 15 yrs.

Don't you just love surprises?!  Well, maybe surprises are a little more fun when you're the keeper and not the surprisee.  None the less. Here is Russ & Chantal's story.

They were married 15 years ago in Sonoma.  Chantal originally wanted a beach wedding, Dillon Beach to be precise.  However a dear family member was wheelchair bound, so they opted for a pretty white church instead.  But the story doesn't end there.  A friend offered to photograph their wedding (side note:  please hire a professional), and the film came back from the lab with each and every wedding image GREEN!  You know that lovely shade of RUINED green!

Fast forward 15 years and Russ still remembered how much she wanted a beach wedding, so he did the next best thing, he put together a surprise anniversary vow renewal with friends and family, and hired a professional (aka, photos without green).

It was a sweet, loving, casual affair and Chantal was surprised!!


  • In order to get Chantal dressed up, he told her I was taking their anniversary portrait.
  • All of the guests stayed hidden near the bluffs.
  • I love the look on her face when he tells her and then she looks at me for confirmation.
  • Surprises are so romantic!