Sunset Sonoma Wedding | L + M

Oh where do I begin... let's start with this.... Laura & Mick live just around the corner from me in Sonoma.  They live on the street that I love to take my late afternoon walks with my husband.  For years we watched this funky little red farmhouse be transformed, stopping at the curb to admire every detail that was carefully made.  When I learned that their wedding would take place in the very house that I admired, it was a dream.  That is the story of their home. The story of Laura and Mick is even more special.  A story that involves friendship, sorrow and deep admiration for one another.  Friends for over 30 years, their paths eventually came together as love.  It's such a story that Mick even wrote a beautiful song about it and it was played at the wedding.  We all cried.

It was so delightful to photograph their wedding and even better yet I have made new friends.  See you two around town!!

I have a side note I'd like to add. It probably deserves more attention than at the bottom of these photos, but for now this will have to do.  When Laura hired me, she dropped off her contract and on the first page was a little yellow sticky note.  It read, "You are a perfect fit! Thank you."  Yes it's a small, kind gesture but I realized it's so much more.

There are dozens of talented photographers to choose from, however please consider this note when hiring the one that you'll entrust your memories to.  Be sure to find someone that you can also say, "You are the perfect fit."  You'll be glad you did.

Special thanks to:

Venue:  Private Home

Catering: The Girl & The Fig

Florals: Anne Appleman

Cake: Patisserie Angelica

Lighting: Illusions Lighting Design

Music: Jeff Campbell & Megan Slankard

Officiant: Diana Morgan

Invitations: Papyrus

Calligraphy: Monks of Age

Favors: The Olive Press

Gown: Jin Wang