Summer Vacation | Lake of the Woods

Finding time for a vacation in the midst of my very full wedding season is pretty tricky, but recently I was lucky enough to save 3.5 consecutive days of empty calendar space for a little trip to Oregon.

Ashland, Oregon used to be our old stomping ground for a short bit. My husband Mike and I took a weekend drive, happened upon 15 mountain acres of land with conifers, meadow grasses and a for sale sign and purchased it within 36 hours.  We built our little yellow house with a loft and called anyone within 10 miles of us a neighbor, including this magnificent 1920 lodge called Lake of the Woods.

When our friends Chris and Susan were looking for something special to celebrate his 40 years, I was quick to suggest this mountain lake and the vacation plans were in motion.  We sat by the lake, drank beer with lunch, listened to a live band, ate barbeque, laughed, played cards, swam, ate birthday cake at the bar and shared it with everyone, sat around the campfire with sticky marshmallow fingers and Chris even did a little fishing.  It was the best weekend!


No racoons were harmed in the making of these photos. It was a $10 fake that we purchased from the General Store.

These photos were taken on our last night with my medium format film camera. My sweet Mamiya that hasn't been used in years. Oh film... I do miss you...