Spring Lake Family Portraits


Perhaps it was the rare lunar eclipse, or the warm spring day, but whatever it was I had so much fun with these three ladies and I didn't want it to end!

Riley, who aspires to travel the world as a National Geographic photographer and who directed about half of the shots I took that day.  She had more ideas than I had memory cards and I was ready to hire her as my right hand gal!

Sadie, who is lovely and kind and confessed that she's tossing around the idea that she might want to be a wedding planner when she finishes school. Her happy personality and calm demeanor would be perfect!

Amy, the mother of the two. Beautiful and sweet and I felt like we could have gone out for drinks and laughed until the wee hours of the night. You can spot a good mother by looking into the eyes and smiles of her children, and that's how I instantly knew she was a good one.


These portraits were gifted to Amy from her mom, who attended a charity event for Sjogrens Foundation and had bid on my silent auction portrait donation.  I was so happy to help!