Sonoma Senior Portraits | Allie

Oh where do I begin with Allie... I've been friends with Allie's mom Lisa for 25+ years.  Allie she is the youngest of three daughters, and she is sweet, beautiful, and full of fun.  (All of the girls are!!!)  Sadly they live in Oregon so I sometimes only see them once a year, so this year they made the trek south for a mega quick 24 hour visit and senior portrait session.

We had many laughs including one moment where poor Allie was standing at the wrong place at the wrong time and was pooped on by a feisty bird.  Perhaps some mothers would be sympathetic, but not Lisa.  She blurted out, "take a picture, take a picture" as we all laughed with Allie standing there horrified and disgusted.  Sorry Als.  You have to admit it was funny.