Sonoma Film Festival | Day 3

[Saturday] So Saturday is the grand daddy of all days when it comes to the Festival with lots of people out enjoying the food truck scene in the plaza, the evening interview with Susan Sarandon and then of course the big Gala!  Here are some of my highlights:

  • Eating a Chicago style hot dog made by my Santa Rosa friends Jeff and Suzette.
  • Patiently waiting outside of a restaurant, like a TMZ Paparazzi, in hopes of getting in to meet/photograph Susan Sarandon (I finally got the approval to enter from the powers to be). And as luck would have it, I waited about 2 hours all together and she showed up 10 minutes after I left...

More highlights:

  • Setup and ready in the Vets auditorium, feeling special with my exclusive permission to hang with the "big boys" (aka the video crews) on the riser.
  • A sellout audience and a great time with Susan.  Did you know she has 77+ films to her resume!?
  • Heard a rumor that the car below was the car (or at least the make/model) from Thelma & Louise. (One of my all-time favorite movies!)

More highlights:

  • The BIG gala at Sebastiani Winery!  All premiere ticket holders enjoyed food, wine, ice cream and dancing all free of charge.
  • Not sure how many guests were there, but I'm guessing it had to be over 400.
  • The band Crossfire rocked the dance floor!
  • And characters from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Susan Sarandon's memorable movie beginning) hammed it up for the guests.