Sonoma Film Festival | Day 2

[Friday] Friday kicked off with a special press breakfast; a chance for the media to get together, talk about the days ahead and most importantly meet some of the film directors.   And here are some interesting tidbits I learned:

  • 850 movies were submitted this year with 14+ countries being represented.
  • Our very own local John Lasseter of Pixar has given generously to Sonoma's highschool film program.
  • The high school program is celebrating its 10th year, and students are now beginning to return as filmmakers!

Pictured clockwise: Cevin, SIFF Program Director; Jen McGowan, Director of Touch; Directors laughing, a young film maker.

Moments around town.

And into the evening...

The screening of Miss Representation; a group of movie goers; a gallery reception for Director Jennifer Siebel Newsom;

Nick Stagliano, Hal Holbrook and Robert Patrick with the film Good Day For It.