Scribe Winery | Sonoma

Sometimes I find myself at a loss for words.  I know you don't really believe me but it happens, and I suspect it's because I'm so completely enamored over this amazing Sonoma winery property I toured last week with my friend Kristin.  We started off our 10am tour with the yummiest white wine, so right there it's off to a good start. Scribe Winery is like no other winery experience and even though it's still in its "permit phase", it is already spectacular!  Gardens, chickens, sweeping views and an old house that has been vacant for 40 years - all of the ingredients to make me fall in love.  And don't even bother to add this winery stop to a long list while doing a marathon weekend tour; Scribe is meant to be savored, just like their wine.


Today's post by Megan Clouse

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