San Francisco Engagement | Brady + Dianna


San Francisco holds a special place in Brady and Dianna's lives, and in particular this cozy tree-lined neighborhood where they used to enjoy happy hour at this very cafe.  It was the perfect location to tell the beginning of their story.

We walked about the streets, finding big views and pretty nooks as we went. Brady kept watch for the next cable car and began jumping up and down and running towards us yelling "It's coming, get ready, it's coming, hurry!"  You see... this was his first ride on a cable car and he barely could contain his excitement.  So we hopped aboard the passing cable car, jam packed with tourists and the three of us pretty much grinned ear-to-ear as we zipped down the streets.  Oh and did I mention it was my first ride too? Well it was and I loved it!


Brady and Dianna are loving, fun, warm and friendly and I can't wait to see them again in October!