Red Bell Pepper | Flash Light | Funny Faces

Kyle, the oldest of our family clan asked for my help in recreating an image from the famous Edward Weston, a 1930's era photographer and I was thrilled to assist in his school project!

I broke out my beloved Mamiya film camera and tripod and than Kyle got started in setting up the shot.  No matter what it is that you do, isn't it true that we all get a bit complacent and fall back on what we know?  So I really enjoyed soaking up his budding photography skills and eagerness to experiment.  Here he is setting up the shot with the light on.  Once the camera was in focus, we'd flick the switch off with the only light in the room from a faint flashlight beam and the glow of my iphone as I used the timer app for a whopping :30-1:30 second exposure!

After the school project photos were completed, Kyle suggested we use the rest of the film roll for some fun light painting and ghost shots; something that I've never done and really had fun with!  Basically, the camera was set with at least a :30 second exposure in a pitch-black room; Kyle would flash the overhead room light for a split second; then we'd move about in the dark to our new pose; flash the overhead light again; and then finally click the shutter button on the camera to stop the photography.  It's difficult to explain but really fun!  Here are the test digital images: