PUG Publication | Summer Edition

For a year and a half I've been leading our local Sonoma/Napa PUG, a photography networking chapter that has been immensely rewarding!  PUG stands for Pictage User Group (Pictage is a full-service photography lab) and is a large collection of photographers who strive to learn, grow and network.  Each month I put together a topic, agenda, speaker, location and even snacks - all so any photographer in the area can thrive and connect.  It's been an amazing experience for me and for those who have attended! So when my PUG was asked to be the feature in the debut issue of the Pictage mini magazine, I was very honored.  It's short but sweet.




If you're a photographer near the (707) area code and would like to be included, just drop me a message and I'll happily add you to my monthly invite list.  We are a fun group!