Private Luncheon | Robledo Winery

Even though I would never be called a "foodie" (an aficionado of food and drink), I still love a good party, so when my friend Kristin invited me to a private winery luncheon, I quickly said yes! Kristin is not only the owner of Junipero & Co., an adorable shop here on the Sonoma Plaza, she is also an ultimate foodie and I always find it a bit amusing that we have become friends; the one that has anxiety about spending money on food (me), who is friends with the one that probably has a monthly dining budget close to my annual clothing budget!  Despite this discrepancy in our personalities what we do have in common is we love to have fun so that trumps all other traits.

Anyway, back to the luncheon.  Kristin and her chef-husband Stephen bid on a special silent auction luncheon back in June and she finally redeemed her certificate this week.  It was a perfect afternoon!  The six of us, including Kristin's adorable grandparents visiting from Florida, sat down for a homemade Mexican fiesta complete with cactus salad, carne asada and homemade tortillas (well actually everything was homemade).

The luncheon was hosted by Robledo Winery here in Sonoma overlooking the vineyards.  Robledo is a very special winery and its founder, Reynaldo has an absolutely fascinating story; a man who started as a migrant farmworker from Mexico who now owns hundreds of acres of grapes; the first to ever to accomplish this in the USA; he employs all 7 of his children in the business and was recently invited to the White House for a special honorary dinner with the US and Mexico Presidents.

If the views, food, and paired wine wasn't enough, we were treated with a visit from Reynaldo and a brief history by one of his sons.  It was so lovely!  My favorite moment of the day was when Kristin's grandmother said this was one of her most memorable meals ever.  EVER!  It was so touching I quickly snapped a photo of her beaming smile.

In closing, I'd like to say that Robledo Winery just added a large covered terraza, complete with a massive outdoor bar which is perfect for any celebration that you might be planning.