As a photographer I hear many, many ceremonies and when the Officiant has the couple repeat "for better or for worse" is the moment that I want to jump up and exclaim how true those words are in life. There will be worse. It's guaranteed.  We just don't know what that "worse" will be. Sure there will be gobs of "better" but today I want to talk about the latter.

In 2008 I was diagnosed with breast cancer (and now cancer-free for nearly 4 years).  Last year, two of my photographer friends faced some of their worst fears; Scott's baby was born early and with health complications and Ken's son was born with a heart defect and months of hospital stays.  This year, my photographer friend Jude instantly lost her beloved young husband to a heart attack. And last month, Jill, a photographer that I admire and follow but do not know lost her daughter in a drowning accident.

Please meet Penny.

I never met Penny but she is in God's arms now and every ounce of her is deeply missed by her family and friends here still on earth.

In honor of Penny, Jill has started a campaign called Penny Jar and I hope you consider joining in. Please gather your pennies and your coins and on November 23rd, we will put this money towards someone local or some family in need; all in honor of what would have been Penny's 3rd birthday.


Instagram: _JillThomas #pennyjar

Added note:

I've received some questions... This tribute is meant to be done by all of us, individually. The money is not collected in one lump sum. It's my hope that on November 23rd we will all go out with our change and do something for someone in need.  It can be a $3 flower, a $22 Safeway gift card, or something homemade and left on a car windshield; whatever you think of. If you have an opportunity talk to the recipient, tell them you are spreading the love in honor of Penny who would have been 3 today. Let's make it a day of wonderful!