Old St. Hilary's Wedding | A + G

Anna & Gareth are not your every day, typical couple and this is why I love them!  Their wedding day began in their very festive cocktail attire which I was madly obsessed with, and then we all whisked off to the church for the evening ceremony.  A few highlights:

  • Their baby girl Devon wore the same christening dress that Anna wore as a baby.
  • Anna's wedding gown was a thrifty find.  (It was beautiful!)
  • She made her bouquet out of lavender and rosemary.
  • They zipped off on their Vespa after the ceremony!
  • The full moon San Francisco Bay dinner reception was magical!


Special thanks to:

Church:  Old St. Hilary's, Tiburon

Reception: Caprice Restaurant, Tiburon

Officiant & Music: Family friends

Bouquet: DIY