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It seems that nearly one of my sentences has some reference to "Facebook" and sometimes it gets annoying.  I have a love-hate relationship with that mega networking site.  I make attempts to quit it because it swallows up little bits of my time everyday, but just like an insecure lover, I find myself sneaking back within a few hours. So that's the bad side.  The good side is I've been able to connect with so many friends that I have not seen in years!  Many, many years!  So when my friend Nicole mentioned that she was flying in from Montana for a California visit, and my other friend Noreen was driving in from Idaho the very same weekend, it seemed as though the moon and stars were aligned for us to get together.

It was a short Friday visit over Mexican food but it felt so good to see them!  Noreen and I went to school together K-12!  And Nicole and I met when she moved to town during 6th grade and we share lots of fun memories.  Dancing to the Go-Go's.  Singing along to Thriller.  And having a mishap with my 3-wheeler in a big creek.

Thanks ladies for calling me up.  You filled my heart with smiles that day!  And thanks to Noreen's sweetie Shaun for putting up with us gabbing girls, picking up the tab, and for snapping our photo.

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