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My club days are a distant memory, but with the 80's fashion making a strong comeback right now paired with Claire's ear-piercing, dance-mania                 Bat Mitzvah I recently got to relive a little bit of my dancing days! Meet Claire.  A worldly 13 year old who celebrated her Bat Mitzvah and actual birthday in one heck of a bash this past weekend.   I met Claire and her family in 2006 when I photographed her Aunt and Uncle's wedding; Sabrina & Ben who you'll recognize because I have so many of their beautiful wedding photos posted throughout my website (for instance:  image 6, 20, 35, 87, 92, 97 and more).

It was really a treat to see the entire family again, especially to see how Claire and her sister have grown up so much in the last few years.  The celebration began at Temple Sinai in Oakland; a spectacularly grand Temple with nearly 100 years of history juxtaposed against a very modern, urban addition.  Notice the photo below of the plaque with the word "pray" and the angled beam of light shining on it - I just love that image!

The celebration continued at the families private residence; a jam-packed party complete with catering, live music and the most amazing balloon artist (Dan Chan Magic) I've ever witnessed!  With a few hours of rest after lunch the real festivities started back up at Oakland's Lake Temescal Beach House; a totally hidden gem of a lake and clubhouse tucked away in the Oakland hills!!  It was loud, heart pumping, fun, touching and did I mention loud (probably had something to do with the fact that I stood right next to the speaker).  Music, photo booth, scrap book, games and airbrush artists who made custom shirts for each kid!  Which just made me think... I should have had them make one for me... oh well.

Big hugs and congratulations to Claire!  It was so nice to see you all again.

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