My Oregon Girls!

Lisa and I have been friends "since the beginning of time"; I think somewhere near 6th grade.  We both grew up with 3 wheelers and lots of back roads to explore.  Despite her moving to Oregon during high school, we've remained friends. Lisa and her daughters stopped by for a quick overnight stay on their way to Arizona for a soccer tournament (for Allie) and we had such a fun little visit!  She is truly one of the most amazing moms I've ever witnessed, despite having her girls at a very young age and through lots of trials. I'm so proud of all of them!  These girls laugh more than anyone I know and it's always fun to be around them.  And let's not forget Bob (who wasn't on this trip)... Bob and Lisa have been married since 1989 and have raised their daughters with abundant love and guidance.  It just warms my heart when I'm around them!

From left:  Lisa, Me, Kirsten (Kirty), Allie, Shelby