Meet the Whites | 3.24.11

Last week I braved fierce rain and winds to drive down to San Jose to continue my series called Meet the Whites.  A photographic essay documenting the lives of my friends, Suz, Joe and Jackson.  Just everyday life.  The concept and inspiration came from an old magazine article and I'm completely inlove with the notion of having 20+ years of photographs documenting one family! I'll continue to update you on my blog a few times a year and then near the year 2030 (yikes!!) you'll ALL be invited for a GRAND exhibition featuring the images from start to finish.  So here's March 24, 2011:

Jackson was showing off a bit too much with me there and his toy-throwing exuberance resulted in a "nose in the corner" timeout.  I have to say I was really excited - after all it's real life moments that I want.

Suz fixed fresh fruit and fish sticks for his lunch. Jack is learning to cool them off before biting.

Joe had the day off and looked through the mail.