Marin Civic Center Wedding | S + L

What I'm about to say is quite shameful, especially since I'm a born and raised Sonoma County gal - a life long neighbor to Marin County, but here goes... I've never been to the historic Marin Civic Center.  Sure I've driven by it hundreds upon hundreds of times, but never got up close to admire the work of Frank Lloyd Wright.  Yes, thee Frank. I'm happy to report that I finally had the chance for a visit, thanks to Les and Suzi's afternoon wedding!


The ceremony was short and sweet and the guests were so happy to witness these two who found love with each other.  It was such a beautiful day!


After the sunny celebration, we all scooted off to Novato's Hilltop Restaurant, which recently had a head to toe makeover.  There were nibbles, champagne and lots of smiles!  Congratulations again Suzi and Les!!

p.s.  According to Suzi, this amazing 2nd story garden at the Marin Civic Center is open to the public and free to rent for nuptials.  You just have to sign up.  Now isn't that nice!


Special thanks to:

Gown: Nan Winters