Lake of the Woods | 4th of July

With wedding season in full swing it's always a treat for me to have a weekend off, so the Mr. and I didn't waste any time to jump in the car and get out of town for a few days.  We journeyed to our old stomping ground, Ashland Oregon and converged onto a cabin on Lake of the Woods with some of our Oregon friends whom we have not seen for 2 years.  We ate, drank, walked, lounged and even got in some dominoes; it was wonderful! Photo notes:

  • Our friends, The DeBoer Family.
  • Sidney caught a fish!.
  • Aiden fishing with grandpa.
  • Fighter jets buzzing the lake on the way to Ashland's Parade.
  • Friends arriving via their float plane.
  • Sunset boat parade with silliness and water fights!
  • p.s.  That snow covered mountain peak... The Clouses and DeBoers hiked it to the very tippy top about 9 years ago.