Kimberly, the budding photographer

Meet Kimberly!  A budding photographer who is not letting her young age of (nearly) 13 get in her way. Kimberly's mom, a friend of mine, approached me with hopes that I might spend a little time with her; coaching her about her new camera and answering every single enthusiastic question she had and I quickly agreed! I have known Kimberly and her sister Christina for years now and I continue to be blown away with how they are raised and nurtured - it shows. When I told Allyson "yes", her reply was classic and exactly as I would have guessed. She told me she would pass along the great news to Kimberly and have her contact me directly, so at 12 years old it was up to Kimberly to bring it all together. And she did.



This appointment was as much fun for me as it was to Kimberly because her enthusiasm and willingness to learn was over flowing.  She literally squealed when she saw all of my gear and quickly plopped onto the carpet and begin asking about each lens, body, flash, etc.  We then headed outdoors with all of the lenses so she could try them all on her camera.  We talked about a few basic principles about light, some tips and just had fun walking around the neighborhood.

She asked very smart questions. Very!  She absorbed every response I had; what I wear to weddings, do clients send me photo request lists, who usually assists me, why do I always wear two cameras, etc.

So ya'll better watch out (me included) because it won't be too long before this young lady is in full portrait and wedding mode.  She's already had her first paying portrait client and she's saving for a second lens! I'm so proud of you Kimberly!