K + J | Sonoma Backyard Wedding

What is so beautiful about love and commitment is how many forms it takes; whether grand or simple, all are equally special. Karen and Joe's Sonoma wedding took place at the home of Joe's mom Pat, a lovely lady who happens to be a personal friend of mine.  Even though I was not the officially hired photographer, they invited me to stop by to capture some photos and it was my pleasure!


  • Pat & Karen bonded while making the cupcakes.
  • A quiet moment holding hands before they walked down the aisle.
  • The couple were legally married in NY so instead of having an officiant, they stood at the "alter" and said something special about each guest.
  • Karen's bouquet was created by Sonoma's Farmers Market flowers.
  • A sweet moment between mother and son that I luckily happened upon.

HERE is the link for any guests who wish to purchase photographs or see the entire wedding.