I'm Published!! (well, sort of) | Sunset Magazine



There's something about Sunset magazine that I find completely enamoring.  Each month I slowly read page after page, always pausing to study the photographs and styling.  I've become such a fan, that I can easily identify the particular style and works of photographer Thomas Story before I even read the byline.

So when my neighbors Steve and Josh casually mentioned that their home would have an upcoming photo-shoot and magazine feature, I lost all composure and instantly started firing off questions; "Will Thomas Story be photographing?!" "What day is the photo-shoot?!" "Can I be there, I promise not to say anything!?"... And then all broke loose when they added that they would be having a 'dinner party'.  I nearly screamed with excitement, "Can I please be a 'guest'!?  Oh, please, please, please!!"  (I seriously lost all my manners, and I think they agreed just because they were afraid to see my reaction if they said no.  Thanks guys!)




The day was so much fun! Thomas and Miranda were completely gracious, and I'm glad I had a glimpse into another photographic world.