I love Instagram!

It's no mystery why I love Instagram! As a photographer, I see beauty around me all of the time, but usually keep my camera tucked away unless it's a big occasion, so Instagram has completely opened up my world. It gives me the ability to share glimpses of what I'm doing, creating, visiting, wearing, thinking with a snapshot from my phone.


In addition to photos of my everyday life, I recently began a new little photo project called #littlebluecar.  About 15 years ago Mike and I purchased an old Victorian house in Napa. One day while digging and planting in the backyard, I unearthed this toy car. My memory is fuzzy, but I'm fairly certain I gave it a fresh coat of craft paint and then stuck it in a drawer. Well, it's been living a forgotten life in a keepsake box in my desk. I recently reorganized my desk and once again it has been rediscovered. This is just one more simple and amusing photo you might see if you follow me on Instagram. You can find me under this user name on the app: meganhollyclouse