Hooky | Jimtown Store

Lately my days have begun to blur together, with Wednesday's not looking much different than Saturday's, so I realized it was high-time that I take a day off.  I mean really take a day off, as in stepping away from the computer and leaving behind my long list of ideas and notes on my desk.  Ok, so I took my camera along but it still felt like a day off. I drove to Novato to pick up my sweet Grandma Betty and with the sunroof open and sunshine beaming through the windows, we drove north to one of my favorite stops in Healdsburg, Jimtown Store.  A little lunch, a little poking around the antiques and then we slowly made our way back to Marin County.  It was a very nice afternoon, if you don't count the speeding ticket I got as I drove down my Grandma's street.  Really officer!?!  Oh well...  (Now that would have been a good photo!)

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