Home Sweet Home

Everyone in the wedding profession, including me, plans around the slower months. It's a much needed time to regroup, catch up and make improvements, and just as many of my wedding photographer friends planned winter and spring baby births, I did my best by planning a winter house purchase. The Sonoma Project... house1 house2

We've only been in the house for one week but it's really starting to look homey. However leading up to that took a tremendous amount of work, sweat, tears, cracked fingers, splinters, sore muscles and maybe even a little cursing and whining.  But we're making progress!  If you'd like to follow along on our adventure, you're welcome to take a peek at the house blog. Yes, I know, I just can't help myself with the blogging.

p.s. And just as I'm gracious during a wedding, never photographing those little flaws and secrets that are hidden under the gown, the same is true in these house photos. I prefer to focus on the positive attributes. There are still some parts of the house that are just begging to be spruced up. (Big understatement) So hopefully very soon...