Henry + Iris [Baby Portraits]

I recently met Phoebe through my gal pal Emarie over at The Collection Event Studio.  Emarie arranged this precious portrait session and I'm so glad she did; I mean how could it not be fun!  Henry, the most loveable little boy (aka big brother) and Iris, a precious delicate newborn - both were a dream. Even the "first born", the kitty cat, got into the picture.

Baby Iris decided that she didn't want to miss out and was wide awake for most of the morning, which made for squirmy photos so mother Phoebe just kept nursing her and keeping her cozy warm.  Eventually the "milk drunk" trick worked and she was sound asleep so that we could freely move her about without a peep.


Henry was a big helper and was rewarded with a popsicle for tolerating all of our photo requests.  And extra big thanks to Emarie's mom Melanie, a close family friend to Phoebe (who I promised not to photograph), who was a life-saver for all of us.  She entertained, fed and played with Henry so that we could patiently capture our baby shots.  Everyone made it for a wonderful day!




Special thanks to Two Cute Boutique for the handmade snuggly items: