Happy birthday, let's jump.


There are a lot of songs that come to mind before a skydiving trip; Van Halen's Jump, Frank Sinatra's Come Fly with Me or Tom Petty's Free Falling. All great songs which become really poignant before the jump.

Two years ago when our oldest turned 18, my hubby Mike surprised Kyle with a tandem jump for the two of them. There was a nervous, "Thanks Dad. (I think)" as he unwrapped his gift certificate. They ended up having an amazing time and it was especially fun for me to cheer them on from the ground. (If you know what I mean.)

So when Eric turned 18, Mike thought he might be off the hook, but Eric wanted the same gift that Kyle got. So the day was booked.  I'm so proud of all of my guys and I think they're total bad-ass rockstars. They were so cool about it, that I just might (might) plan a girls jump. We'll see.