Goodbye Old Friend | Shower Heaven

Some say I can be a bit quirky and this post will definitively confirm it to any past doubters. I LOVED my shower curtain!   It was not just any ordinary shower curtain; it was Pottery Barn, white organza, with embroidered flowers and it faithfully stayed with me through 3 houses and 8+ years.  You think I'm crazy, but let me prove my case of how special it was!

When we sold our Ashland, Oregon house, the home buyers ACTUALLY included in the escrow bid paperwork, "stainless appliances", "antique light fixtures", with a p.s. "Would the sellers consider leaving the shower curtain?"  I said yes to the first two and a big fat no to the last request!  My second case in point is that nearly everyone (female that is) that has ever stepped foot into our bathroom for the first time, comes out and makes a comment on how pretty the shower curtain is.  I always reply with a polite "Thank you." and a quick "It's not for sale!".

Anyway, all good things eventually come to an end and my poor shower curtain, faded and thread bare finally came down this week.  The good news is I'm going to recycle the salvageable areas of the fabric and reincarnate it into something else, something pretty, so I'll keep you posted.  (I know the suspense is almost too much to bare isn't it?)