Girls Night | Clothing Swap

How does the saying go... "One man's junk is another man's treasure"?  This old adage is so true and I figured if I was completely tired of some of my clothes that others might be feeling the same, so I recently held a clothing swap at my home with a few friends. Having never done this sort of thing before I was uncertain how it would unfold but I had the faithful backup plan that at the very least we'd have fun eating, drinking and talking.  I'm happy to report that it worked out well and we all went home with some new-to-us treasures!

If you decide to host a clothing swap party, I suggest that you keep the guest count to about 6 ladies, otherwise it might get a bit nutty.  Rent or borrow (thank you Malinda!) a clothing rack and then just have fun.  I originally had it structured where everyone drew a number and took a turn picking an item but within 2 minutes I could see that that method would keep us here all night, so instead I asked for everyone to jump up and pick a couple of items to try on.  The honor system always seems to work just fine.

Thanks to my gal pals (Michele, Kate, Victoria, Kristin, Jen and Lisa) for turning a regular Wednesday evening into something fun!  And thanks to my sister in law Julie who added some great donations even though she couldn't attend.