Getaway | Truckee & Tahoe

I love my weekend weddings but it's equally exciting to look at my calendar and see the occasional blank, empty space.  So this past weekend the Mr. and I packed up the truck with our mountain bikes, a few bottles of wine and more clothing than days (that would be me) and met up with our friends Kate & Nicole, who also happen to be one of my favorite wedding couples who I photographed last summer.  (You can see their photo slideshow HERE). The four of us enjoyed 3 days of fun activities balanced with a lot of lounging and it was absolutely heavenly.  The Truckee area always feels like home to me and we were all sad to leave on Sunday.  Here are some of the highlights...

  • Neighborhood walks with flip-flops and beer.
  • Long, chatty dinner in town on Friday with several bottles of wine.
  • Sun, kayak and swim at Donner Lake beach.
  • Kate's excellent pork, plum, apricot glaze skewers.
  • Summer thunderstorms complete with ominous clouds and rolling thunder!!
  • Dominoes! (winners: Nicole, Mike, Kate)
  • Nicole's ambitious bowl of cereal & fruit!
  • A day at Lake Tahoe.
  • Skipping rocks despite the "do not" sign.
  • Lunch overlooking the lake.
  • Great friends, great times!